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"I have been seeing Tiffany for 8 months and in that short amount of time she has managed to help with the chronic tail bone pain (which I have had since 2009), shoulder pain, she has helped me get my hips back into alignment, helped me lose weight, recover from and ankle injury and she helped my husband and I get pregnant!!!! Due to PCOS we had to have 1 1/2 years of expensive fertility treatments to conceive our daughter and Tiffany helped us conceive our son it in only 5 months!!!! Tiffany is not only extremely well educated in Ancient Chinese Medicine, she has a warm heart and truly goes out of her way for her patients. She has made herself available for consulting between appointments via email, phone and texting. I never had a hard time getting her to respond. She is a true delight and I have (and will continue to) recommend her to friends and family. I have experienced her full range of services and her talent is limitless. Her Reiki treatments are amazing! I left the session feeling lighter and more centered."


"I am a school teacher and most of my day is standing on my feet. When I sit, especially when I drive for long periods of time, my sciatic nerve down my right leg hurts. Sometimes, it bothers me so much, that I can not sleep. My husband would try to rub my leg to ease the pain but I would scream with agony. I needed some relief. I went to Tiffany Chiu and she treated me for my sciatica. I could not believe the difference. She used an ear e-stim machine, which by the way did not hurt, on the outer portion of my ear and 5 seconds later, the pain was gone! I kept rubbing my leg in disbelief trying to provoke the same tenderness and pain I was used to. I was so excited, that I went up to my husband and asked him to rub my leg. Nothing, no pain - I was so relieved! I would definitely have Tiffany treat my sciatica again."


'Tiffany is amazing; very professional and very skilled and great at acupuncture. I was a skeptic at first, but she has convinced me how good acupuncture is for you. I've been dealing with knee and IT pain for years and simply got tired of taking NSAID pills! I'm so glad to be feeling so much better and have relief of the knee and IT band pain"


"Sometimes I leave a doctor's office thinking I'm happy with the visit, but there's a little nagging doubt in my mind. I'm happy to say that 24 hours later I still feel good about seeing Tiffany. She talked to me about ways to improve my health and then did the acupuncture. She's friendly and genuine and has a lot of knowledge that Western doctors do not. Oh, and for what it's worth, she does not pressure you to make another appointment. Doesn't even suggest it, but I am going back.'


"I sought out Tiffany based upon her credentials to have her help me to regulate my hormones/cycle postpartum (along with some other related issues based upon my constitution), and I’m so thankful that I did, as she worked wonders in just three visits! I love that she uses different modalities (a blend between eastern and western!) that really are specific to each person and each day she sees you. I also appreciate her recommendations for care beyond the appointment- great for overall wellness!"


"Tiffany is very thorough, taking the time to find out exactly what is going on and the best way to bring relief. I am a confirmed client."


"I’m early in my pregnancy and lovely practitioner, Tiffany, has helped with through the entire journey. However the most amazing visit was my last one where her treatment helped to alleviate my issues with wretched morning sickness. I have interest in life again and can get food down without being completely miserable. I am so thankful for my appointments at this wonderful practice- thank you!!!🙏❤️"


"She was always on time, professional, and I felt great after my treatment! I would recommend treatment from Tiffany."


"Tiffany is amazing. Last year I was experiencing numbness in my finger on my left hand. I feel like I have a reasonable pain threshold but I was in extreme pain for several months. I tried the sports chiropractor Arosti, I had an expensive test to determine if it was nerve damage, I saw a hand specialist/surgeon and Dr. Tiffany was my last stop. The pain went up my elbow into my shoulder and back, we determined I had ulna nerve entrapment. She is amazing, took 2 sessions and I was healed!"


"Tiffany ALWAYS takes the time before treatment to find out what the issue is. I've never left my appointment feeling like I did not realize relief. If there is an acupuncture angel....Tiffany is that!"


"I am so glad I found Dr. Tiffany. She knows so much about the body. I sought her for acupuncture for allergies but love her massage almost as much. Also appreciate her counsel on exercises and stretching techniques."


"My session was thorough, professional, and extremely relaxing. I felt comfortable with the level of experience and expertise provided. Everything was explained in detail and there was no pressure to purchase anything additional. I will definitely be returning!"


"Tiffany is an excellent acupuncturist and an even better person. Going to see Tiffany is always a great experience - she is knowledgeable, effective and someone you will just enjoy being around. Tiffany is an excellent listener and asks great questions to make sure she gets to the root cause of the issue. After I had such a great experience, I recommended her to my parents who now regularly drive 1 1/2 hours to see her and she continues to heal all of and provide excellent advice."


"First visit was fantastic! I've already booked another. Tiffany is nonjudgmental, and creates a safe place atmosphere. If balance is something you're looking for, this is the place! Seriously felt rejuvenated after our session."


"I can tell Tiffany is very well educated. I was impressed with her knowledge of back and body issues. I have been to 2 neurosurgeons, 1 pain management doctor, had 3 procedures plus injections and ablations and can tell you she was spot on when discussing my back pain. She was extremely thorough and took a great deal of time with me before treatment began. I have had great relief with only 1 visit and am looking forward to more. So happy I found her!!"

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